The multicast replication point refers to the network node responsible for replicating video stream for users. Given the bandwidth limitation of a gigabit network, it is possible to stream a large number of DVB services: Assuming a bandwidth of 8 Mb in H. 264 for HDTV and 5 Mb MPEG2 video in SDTV, about 100 HDTV or 160 SDTV programs could be streamed simultaneously. One of the ways that you can plan your content delivery is as an IPTV operator you can now utilize the server to create custom playlists & deliver video files and stream through them. Unlike the previous IPTV channels Channel PEAR is unique because it actually lets you setup your own playlists of channels on their website and export them. All of these features work in IPv6 without any prior network setup because every IPv6 capable network interface automatically receives a link local address.
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