We also validate multicast solution to QoS-supported IPTV channel control and delivery by simulation. To solve the QoS degradation problems of multicast network utilization and IPTV channel change delay, the hybrid-tree-based explicit routed multicast (HT-ERM) scheme is proposed to enhance current multicast protocols for QoS-supported IPTV service. Therefore, the proposed HT-ERM scheme can operate hybrid-tree efficiently via enhanced RP functionality which makes better resource management for HD/SD channel stream utilization and traffic load distribution by hybrid-tree multicast channel service. Therefore, the performance for forwarding entry scalability may be affected by routing control scheme. Therefore, the proposed HT-ERM scheme can reduce the channel change delay by enhancing the hybrid-tree operation with efficient switchover mechanism for RP-centralized control. The proposed HT-ERM can construct hybrid multicast tree based on CSPF algorithm to reduce the switching latency by source and shared tree switchover.
Categories : IPTV