As time goes by, a node in SIPTVMON with large bandwidth can have an extremely large ABTP value, and ABTP optimization will move this node to a very high level of the SIPTVMON tree to achieve stable SIPTVMON. (ii)ABTP value can avoid the unnecessary optimizations: Since the Internet bandwidth varies from time to time, the averaging bandwidth value can cost-effectively reduce the unnecessary optimization overhead and possible service disruptions. As shown in Figure 9, ABTP criterion outperforms other four optimization criteria in less overhead of control messages. Those criteria (i. e. , and ABO) without considering life time preserve more control messages. And the theory of video coding technique, steaming transmission technique and terminal technique were expound, specially the differences between OTT TV and IPTV were compared. So based on the current situation, the different technical realizations between OTT TV and IPTV were discussed. Symbolical souvenir, which could probably be used for buying a free IPTV subscription. None of the IPTV apps come with channels; you have to add them yourself. For non-Tizen OS TVs, you have to download the Orsag file for Tizen, attach it to the root of an external USB, and insert the drive into your TV. Smart IPTV is supported on some LG and Samsung Smart TVs, MAG devices, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire TVs.
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