So it is necessary to understand the need of IPTV delivery according to the reach of audiences like some will use mobile phones while others would prefer traditional cable boxes. In other words, the mode which you need to choice is up to your ISP. If your ISP is ExStream, Unifi or Maxis. 3. If your ISP is not in the list. Please keep the IGMP Proxy and IGMP version as default, unless your ISP told you to modify. Our performance evaluation shows the effectiveness of the proposed combination on improving the quality of service for mobile IPTV users. Internet protocol television (IPTV) service depends on the network quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth of the broadband service provider. Varying bandwidth scenarios. Experimental results show a significant overall gain in video quality in comparison to a fixed bandwidth allocation. Companies started looking for innovative ways to stream content online which led the way for HDTV, online video platforms, video-on-demand, Web TV, and streaming on TVs and mobile phones. Accordingly, Telecommunication companies started the competition to provide IPTV services to increase their customer base and profit.
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