A cost-effective key distribution mechanism with leverage between DRM protection strength and system/network loading is further proposed to improve OMA DRM frameworks for P2P IPTV applications on the opportunistic multicast overlay to overcome the peer churns of leaving and joining. Thanks to media compression advance and prevalence of broadband Internet, diversified multimedia network applications in e-commerce systems are more vigorously developing than ever. We collected a larger and more various data set from an exhaustive panel of applications during an entire large-scale event. Increasing the number of channels means that users have more choices during channel surfing, so when a user switches to a new channel, it is harder to find more people watching the same channel. We remark in this example that when the number of channels is smaller to the users number, the efficiency of our scheme is very important because the probability of finding more users watching the same channel is high. In summary, the simulation of the proposed scheme shows very good management of the bandwidth of the AN uplink port especially when there are a significantly high number of channel change requests and the number of users is higher than the number of channels available.
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