How Many Ebay Uk Iptv Subscription Alternative Is Like YoutubeHow Many Ebay Uk Iptv Subscription Alternative Is Like YoutubeIf this service is offered in Visited Network, the subscriber will get it directly from the Media distribution and Storage Subsystem of the Visited Network. 5-6) UE performs service discovery and service selection contacting home SDSF directly or via visited SDSF (to compile a set of services and metadata which can be provided to users). The UE is connected to the Home SDSF (which can provide information about available content in this particular roaming case, because some of content could be restricted for roaming) to acquire service selection information through the interface Xa. From user perspective main advantage is accessing his services outside of the Home Network or on move. The Core IMSs in both networks connect their own UPSF to get the user. The Core IMS in the Visited Network can transfer the IPTV service request from the UE through the interface Gm to the home Core IMS through the Ic connection of IBCFs (Intermediate Breakout Control Functions).
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