However, you need to make sure your TV has an HDMI port or can connect to Wi-Fi. Moreover, other prosperity devices are commendable for merchants to make their business trade work fittingly. The answer is digital transformation induced QA automation services that make the final product dynamic, richer, responsive, and secure. To ensure their quality, software QA automation should be made part of the workflow. For better quality, you can also use a set-top box with your digital TV and can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies, soaps or sports events, all at your convenience. Remotely set your IPTV box to record it. The IPTV interconnection is one of the actual topics in ETSI TISPAN where the work on technical report which has to analyze possible mapping with other IPTV systems, interconnection issues and roaming scenarios, and hybrid concept has been just started. Next step could be the interconnection of operators, and IPTV service providers in order to provide user’s mobility and roaming across multiple domains and access technologies. Only standardized solutions could provide the interoperability among solutions, operators, and end devices. The paper has presented the concept of Converged NGN-based IPTV which aggregates the content from multiple sources and provides it to user’s end devices over various access technologies and terminals. Some scenarios explaining the mobility, interconnection, and subscriber roaming scenarios within Converged NGN-based IPTV networks are also presented in the paper. We analyze scenarios and advantages from operator perspective and also user perspective especially when Visited network resources could be reused during roaming.
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