How Often Iptv Dealers Near Me No CreditHow Often Iptv Dealers Near Me No CreditThis scenario may be used for IPTV services without guaranty like remote control or download of n-PVR recordings. Additionally, to the previous scenario the following one expects the IMS-based IPTV platform in Visited Network; however all content and services are delivered only from Home Network. In general, several scenarios with different issues that have to be solved for IMS-based IPTV or its evolution in form of Converged NGN-based IPTV for service roaming are possible. The model of interconnection with the Visited Network based on the Core IMS and Converged NGN-based IPTV infrastructure (or IMS-based IPTV) is used for most advanced type of roaming to access the home IPTV service provider platform (also with CN-IPTV) where all services are provided only from Home Network (Scenario C) or from elements from both Home/Visited networks as shown on Figure 6 (with using IMDFs in Visited Network and I-IMDFs for interconnect and content adaptation on edge of both domain). The SDSF in Visited Network should collect information from Visited Network about services which subscriber can use in roaming but it also has access to relevant service information from Home Network. The network of the provider where the subscriber has made a contract for some service will be called the Home Network.
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