247 IPTV Macbook247 IPTV MacbookSTB outside operator’s private network, mobile or PC devices over public network, or any combination of it. Our goal is not only to reduce authentication delay, handover delay and reduce signaling cost using the intelligent utilization of AAA server (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Server), binding cache entry (BCE), and proxy notification update (PNU) and proxy notification acknowledgment (PNA) but also to provide fast delivery of multimedia content. All the schemes I present in this dissertation are evaluated by means of trace-driven analyses using a dataset from an operational IPTV service provider. It would be fair to label it as the best IPTV service provider. Second, I propose a technique to increase the resource and energy efficiency of IPTV networks. In order to make well-justified decisions whether it is worthwhile to use multicasting or not, its efficiency must be quantified.
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