The customers may browse their best programs fast and simply. A question may rise: why is IPTV better than a simple satellite dish (DVB-S/S2) if the operator installs the dish anyway?This is the reason why Internet TV is often provided without any quality guarantees. This is the reason why we measured network traffic generated by several P2P IPTV applications during the last FIFA world cup111traces can be made available upon request. In the paper we proposed a few solutions which should improve QoS in P2P IPTV network. It is expected that P2P IPTV will contribute to increase the overall Internet traffic. In this paper, we aim to make comparisons between applications by analyzing the different traffic patterns we collected for all the applications. Live streams are often less compressed than on-demand video. It only streams in HD, claims to offer more than 3,000 channels and has an on-demand section with over 4,000 movies. Only $10 per month, which is a bit hard to fathom for what it’s claiming to offer. Going beyond traditional IPTV and OTT, the Kaltura TV platform combines the agility and flexibility of OTT with pay TV’s robustness and scalability to power cloud TV transformations. Alpha OTT has a friendly & dedicated team that serves you with its ready-made components in IPTV. To capture high amounts of revenue all of these essential factors determine to shape your best IPTV infrastructure platform.
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